Tzu-Yi Yu

Tzu-Yi Yu  Professor

Academic Degrees: Ph.D. in Computational Enigineering, Mississippi State University, USA
Specialties: Medical Informatics, Optimization, Parallel Computing 
Laboratory: Computation and Simulation 
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Research and Publication

  • USA, University of Alabama at Birmingham Mechanical Engineering Visiting Scholar 〈07/2003~09/2003〉    
  • USA, Center for Computational System , Mississippi State Visiting Scholar〈08/1/2001 ~ 08/1/2002〉    
  • National Chi Nan University, Department of Information Management, Assistant Professor〈08/1998 ~ present〉    
  • Chaoyang University of Technology, Department of Information Management, Assistant Professor〈08/1997 ~ 07/1998〉      
  • USA, NSF(National Science Foundation) Engineering Research Center, Mississppi State University Postdoctoral Research Fellow    
  • USA, Engineering Sciences, Inc. Engineering Consultants〈12/1995 ~ 07/1997〉
Journal Papers
  1. Tzu-Yi Yu, Hsu-Hua Ho, “Designing an efficient electroencephalography system using database with embedded images management approach”, Computers in Biology and Medicine, Volume 44, 1 January 2014, Pages 27–36 (SCI, Impact Factor 1.162)
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  3. Tzu-Yi Yu,Yung-Tsung Lee and Hong-Chih Huang,“On the application of efficient hybrid heuristic algorithms – an insurance industry example”, Applied Soft Computing, Volume 12, Issue 11, November 2012, Pages 3452–3461 (SCI, Impact Factor 2.612)
  4. Tzu-Yi Yu, Jiann-Cherng Yang, Yeong-Lin Lai, Chih-Cheng Chen, Han-Yu Chang. “Applying an enhanced heuristic algorithm to constrained two-dimensional cutting stock problem”, Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences, No 7-2S, pages 583S–591S (SCI, Impact Factor 0.642)
  5. Tzu-Yi Yu, Hong-Chih Huang, Chun-Lung Chen, Qun-Ting Lin. “Generating effective defined-contribution pension plan using simulation optimization approach”, Expert Systems With Applications, volume 39, p.p. 2684–2689 (accepted for publication on 2012) (SCI, Impact Factor 1.926) (DOI:10.1016)
  6. Amitesh Kumar, Yasushi Ito, Tzu-Yi Yu, Douglas Ross, Alan M. Shih, “A Novel Hole Patching Algorithm for Discrete Geometry using Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline”, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, volume 87, issue 13, p.p. 1254–1277. (doi: 10.1002/nme.3157, 2011) (SCI, Impact Factor 1.925)
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Conference Papers
  1. Tzu-Yi Yu, JC Yang, Y.L. Lai, C.C. Chen, Han-Yu Chang, “A simulation optimization algorithmto a constrained panel saw nesting problem”, International Symposium on Computer, Consumer and Control, June 4-6, 2012, Taichung, Taiwan
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Other Publication

  1. Tzu-Yi Yu & Bharat Soni., “NURBS in Structured Grid Generation”, HandBook of Grid
  2. Generation, CRC Press, Chap. 30, pp. 30-1~30-26, 1999.
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