Rong-Fuh Day

Rong-Fuh Day Associate Professor

Academic Degrees: Ph.D. in Information Management, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan
Specialties: Development the System of Internet of Things, Human-computer Interaction, Developing the Application of Eye-tracking technology, Programming in C #.Net, Android, Arduino, and SQL 
Laboratories: Human-Computer Interaction
                      The Center for Human-Computer
                      Interaction and Innovative Marketing
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Research and Publication

  • Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Assistant Professor
  • Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Lecturer
Journal Papers
  1. Rong-Fuh Day (2010), “Examining the Validity of the Needleman-Wunsch Algorithm in Identifying Decision Strategy with Eye-movement Data”, Decision Support Systems, 49(4), p.396~403(SSCI, SCI).
  2. Feng-Yang Kuo, Chiung-Wen Hsu, and Rong-Fuh Day (2009), “An Exploratory Study of Cognitive Effort in Decision under Framing – An Application of the Eye-tracking Technology,” Decision Support Systems, 48(1), p.81~91 (SSCI, SCI).
  3. Rong-Fuh Day, Chien-Huang Lin , Wen-Hung Huang , Sheng-Hsiung Chuang (2009), “Effects of Music Tempo and Task Difficulty on Multi-attribute Decision Making: An eye-tracking approach”, 25(1), p.130-143, Computers in Human Behavior. (SSCI).
  4. J.-C. Wang and Rong-Fuh Day (2007), “The Effects of Attention Inertia on Advertisements on the WWW”, 23(3), p.1390-1407, Computers in Human Behavior. (SSCI).
  5. Rong-Fuh Day, T.-W. Shy, J.-C. Wang (2006), “The effect of flash banners on multi-attribute decision making: Is the flash banner a distractor or a source of arousal?", 23(5), pp.369-382, Psychology & Marketing. (SSCI)
  6. J.-C. Wang and Rong-Fuh Day (2000), “Effects of Feedback Mechanisms in Web-Based Teaching” Communications of the ICISA (USA), Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 2-10.
Conference Papers
  1. Rong-Fuh Day, Peng-Yeng Yin, Yu-Chi Wang (2011),“Examining the Validity of the Exemplar-Based Classifier in Identifying Decision Strategy with Eye-Movement Data”, 22nd Australasian Conference on Information Systems´╝îSydney. (99-2410-H-260-050-)
  3. Rong-Fuh Day, C.-W. Shyi, C.-H. Lin (2005), “The Effects of Flash Advertisement on Multiattribute Decision Making”, The 9th Workshop on Attention and Perception, Natoinal Chung-Cheng University, Jan 2005, Taiwan.
  4. J.-C. Wang and Rong-Fuh Day (2001), “Feedback Mechanisms as Intermediaries for Web Information Market: An Exploratory Study,” HICSS 34, Jan. 2001, Hawaii.
  5. H.-H. Lin, Rong-Fuh Day, F.-H. Lin, F.-R. Lin (2001), “A Case Study on Membership Growth of a Teacher Professional Community Using the Diffusion Model”, The First International Conference on Electronic Business 2001(ICEB), Hong Kong, December 19-21, 2001, pp.248-250.
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