Information Finance and Economics Laboratory  
Advisor: Jing-Rung Yu
Specialties: Operations Research, Soft Computing, Multi-criteria Decision Making, Financial Management
Location: 104

Intelligence Computing Laboratory 

Advisor: Peng-Yeng Yin 
Specialties: Machine Learning, Evolutionary Computing, Bioinformatics, Pattern Recognition, Image Databases, Data Mining, Computing Intelligence, Wind Power, Risk Management, Supply Chain Management
Location: 106

Computer and Network Communication Laboratory 

Advisor: Yen-Cheng Chen  
Specialties: Network Management, Information Security, Wireless Network, Communication Actions
Location: B11

Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Management Laboratory 

Advisor: Chun-Che Huang 
Specialties: Knowledge Management, Intelligent Systems, Service Science
Location: B13

Intelligent Information Systems and Management Laboratory 
Advisor: Ping-Feng Pai  
Specialties: Data Mining, Optimization Techniques
Location: 107



Information Security Laboratory 

Advisor: Hung-Yu Chien 
Specialties: RFID, Security and Innovative Applications, Cryptography, Network Security, Internet of Things, Ontology Application (Tourism,Vanilla...)
Location: B11

Computation and Simulation Laboratory 

Advisor: Tzu-Yi Yu 
Specialties: Medical Information, Optimization Computing, Parallel Processing, Windows Programming Application and Design, RFID Applications
Location: B15




Commerce Automation Laboratory 

Advisor: Shiuh-Sheng Yu 
Specialties: Database Processing, Object-oriented Programming
Location: B11



Computer System Laboratory 

Advisor: Mei-Ling Chiang 
Specialties: Operating System, Distributed System
Location: B13

Electronic Commerce and Marketing of Technology Laboratory

Advisor: Chia-Liang Hung
Specialties: Enterprise Technology Strategy, Technology Policy Assessment, E-commerce Research, Internet Marketing
Location: B13

E-business Laboratory 

Advisor: Yu-Ming Wang 
Specialties: Enterprise resource planning, information management, information systems  assessment, IT education
Location: 135

Human-computer Interaction Laboratory 

Advisor: Rong-Fuh Day
Specialties: Human-computer Interaction, Eye-tracking Application Development, Brainwave Interface System Development, Networking and System Integration and Development, Programming (C #, .Net, Android, Arduino, and SQL), Organizational Behavior
Location: B11

Information Technology and Organization Economy Laboratory 

Advisor: Hsiao-Fen Chen 
Specialties: E-commerce, Mobile Commerce, Enterprise Information System, Cloud Ecosystem, E-business, ERP System
Location: 136

Innovation and Systems Method Laboratory 

Advisor: Jian-Hung Chen 
Specialties: System Approach, System Dynamics, Internet Applications, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Location: 103
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