Jing-Rung Yu

Jing-Rung Yu  Professor and Chairperson

Academic Degrees: Ph.D. in Information Management, National Chiao Tung  University, Taiwan
Specialties: Financial  Management, Data Analysis for Social Media, Operations Research,  Multi Criteria Decision Making 
Laboratory: Information, Finance and Economics
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Research and Publication

Journal Papers

  1. Jing-Rung YuWen-Yi Lee# and Wan-Jiun Paul Chiou (2014), Diversified portfolios with different entropy measures, Applied Mathematics and Computation, 241, 15 August, 47–63. (SCI, Impact factor: 1.600)
  2. Fan-Meng Tzeng and Jing-Rung Yu (2014), Penetration forecasting for a new technology in the competitive environment: two stage fuzzy piecewise logistic model, scenario analysis and Delphi method, Applied Soft Computing, 21, 149-158. (SCI, Impact factor: 1.909)
  3. Jing-Rung Yu and Wei-Yuan Shing# (2013), Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process and Analytic Network Process: An Integrated Fuzzy Logarithmic Preference Programming, Applied Soft Computing, 13(4) 1792-1799. (SCI, Impact factor: 1.909)
  4. Jing-Rung Yu and Wen-Yi Lee# (2011), Portfolio rebalancing model using multiple criteria, European Journal of Operational Research, 209, 166-175. (SCI, Impact factor: 2.093)
  5. Jing-Rung Yu and Yu-Wen Hsia# and Her Jiun Sheu (2011), A multiplicative approach to derive weights in the interval analytic hierarchy process, International Journal of Fuzzy Systems, 13, 225-231. (SCI expanded, Impact factor: 1.362)
  6. Chih-Min Yu and Jing-Rung Yu (2012), A configurable routing protocol for Bluetooth wireless networks, Advanced Materials Research Journal, 182-183, 593-597. (EI)
  7. Jing-Rung Yu and Chien-Wei Lee# (2010), Piecewise regression for fuzzy input-output data with automatic change-point detection by Quadratic Programming, Applied Soft Computing, 10 111–118. (SCI, Impact factor: 1.909)
  8. Yuh-Jiuan Tsay, Tain-Jung Hsu# and Jing-Rung Yu (2009), FIUT: A new method for mining frequent itemsets,Information Sciences, 179(11) 1724-1737. (SCI, Impact factor: 3.095)
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  10. Jing-Rung Yu and Chao-Chia Tsai (2008), A decision framework for supplier rating and purchase allocation: A case in the semiconductor industry, Computers and Industrial Engineering, 55(3) 634-646. (SSCI, Impact factor: 1.057)
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Book Chapter

  1. Jing-Rung Yu and Yu Chuan Hsu# and Si Rou Lim# (2014), Chapter. 26: A comparison of portfolios using different risk measurements, Handbook of Financial Econometrics and StatisticsLee, Cheng-Few, Lee, John C. (Eds.), Springer,978-1-4614-7749-5.Econometrics and Statistics, In Press. 

Conference Papers

  1. Jing-Rung Yu and Wan-Jiun Paul Chiou and Jian-Hong Yang# (2014), Diversification Benefits of Risk Models in Managing Portfolios, 2014 Financial Management Association Annual Meeting, October 14-17, Nashville, USA.
  2. Jing-Rung Yu, Wan-Jiun Paul Chiou, Da-Ren Mu# and  Ren-Ting Liu# (2014), The comparison of CVaR model and VaR model, International Conference on Innovation and Management (IAM2014W), January 20-23, 2014, Bangkok, Thailand.
  3. Jing-Rung Yu, Wan-Jiun Paul Chiou, and Shin-Ruei Huang# (2014), Comparisons of portfolios with different risk measures, International Conference on Business and Social Science, March 28-30, 2014, Tokyo, Japan.
  4. Jing-Rung Yu, Wan-Jiun Paul Chiou, Wei-Yuan Chang and Wen-Yi Lee# (2013), Modeling Transaction Costs and Skewness in Portfolio: Application of Fuzzy Approach, International Conference on Fuzzy Theory and Its Applications, Dec. 6-8, Taipei, Taiwan.
  5. Jing-Rung Yu , Wan-Jiun Paul Chiou, Hsiu-Wen Pai# and Shin-Ruei Huang# (2013), Option Portfolio with Multiple Criteria Decision Making, XXVI EURO Conference, 7/1-7/4/2013, Rome, Italy.
  6. Jing-Rung YuYou Wei Dong#, Yi Hsuan Chang# and Fang-Mei Tseng (2012),  Comparison of Innovation Diffusion Models : A Case Study on the DRAM Industry, 2012 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, June 10-15, Brisbane.
  7. Jing-Rung Yu and Wen-Yi Lee# and Chin-Lung Lee# (2011), A Fuzzy Goal Programming Model for Time Series Forecasting, The 8th International Symposium of Management Engineering, August 22-25, Taipei, Taiwan. (Excellent Paper Award)
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  15. Jing-Rung Yu and Hao-Hsiang Wang#, Multiple Criteria Decision Making and De Novo Programming in Portfolio Selection, Special Session on Innovative Computing on Finance for the Second International Conferenceon Innovative Computing, Information and Control , September 5 - 7, 2007, Kumamoto, Japan. (EI, ISTP, and INSPEC)
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