Master's program requirements: a minimum of 34 required credits, including 13 credits in Department required courses and 21 credits in elective courses.

1. Pre-required Courses (0 credit)

Programming (1)
Programming (2)
Enterprise Communication Networks
Data Base Management System

2. Required Courses (13 credits)

Advanced Information Management
Research Methodology
*Choose one 

3. Elective Courses (21 credits)

Advanced Data Base
Advanced Programming
Advanced Computer Networks
Advanced Algorithms(1)
Advanced Operations Research
Advanced Operating Systems
Network Management
Realtime Embedded System
The Classic Readings of Information Management
Management Mathematics
Metaheuristic Computing
Advance Window Programming
Knowledge Management
Multivariate Analysis
Forecasting Theory and Applications
Multiple-Criteria Decision Making
Network Security Seminar
Enterprise Systems Implementation
Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship式
E-Business Development and Business Model
RFID and Network security
Medical Information Management System
Linux Operating System
Data Mining and Busiess Intelligence
Parallel Computing: Theory and Implementation
Knowledge Management(2)
Management Accounting System
Enterprise Resource Planning
System Dynamics
RFID Information Systems
Service Science Theory and Practices
Advanced Technology English
Advanced Enterprise Resource Planning
Introduction to Systems Thinking and System Dynamics
Practical Linux System Administration
The development of advanced human‐computer Interaction systems
Financial Computing 
MIS Case Study

4. Student Handbook

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