Undergraduate requirements: a minimum of 132  required credits, including 14 credits in the school-wide curriculum, 17 credits of General Education courses, 54  credits of Departmental required courses and 47 credits of elective courses.

1. School-Wide Curriculum (14 credits)

English I (1)
English I (2)
English II
Chinese (1)
Chinese (2)
Information Literacy & Information Ethics
Public Service (1)
Public Service (2)
Physical Education (1)
Physical Education (2)
Featured Sports

2. General Education Courses (17 credits)

Social Sciences
Natural Sciences
Topical General Education
Extended subject
General Education lecture program

3. Departmental Courses (54 credits)

Financial Accounting (1)
Business Ethics and Law
Economics (1)
Calculus (I)
Calculus (II)
Statistics (I)
Statistics (II)
Programming (1)
Programming (2)
Introduction to Computer
Data Structures and Algorithms (1)
Management Information System
Data Base Management System
System Analysis and Design
Enterprise Communication Networks
Project (I)
Project (II)
Decision Making (21 credits) Technic Developing (21 credits) System Integration (21 credits)
Linear Algebra
Financial Management
Organization Behavior
Operations Research
Decision Support Systems
Production and Operation Management
Marketing Management
Computer Organization
Data Structures and Algorithms (2)
Software Engineering
System Programming
Operating Systems
Web Programming
Discrete Mathematics
Software Engineering
Operating Systems
Web Programming
Information Security management and Technology
Marketing Management
Operations Research
Human Factors and Human Machine Interface

4. Elective Courses (15 credits)

English Speaking and Listening (1)
English Speaking and Listening (2)
Supply Chain Management
Image Processing
Computational Intelligence and Programming
Information Technology and Service Science
Management of Technology
Human Resource Management
Product Design and Numerical Simulation
Common Core Competencies
The Design and Application of E-business Models
The Secret Code of Career Planning
The development of human-computer Interaction systems
Customer Relationship Management
Financial Accounting (2)
Multimedia Web Design
Project Management
Open Source Applications
Advanced Computer Networks
Advanced Algorithms (I)
Advanced Operations Research
Network Management
Realtime Embedded System
Management Mathematics
Metaheuristic Computing
Knowledge Management
Multiple-Criteria Decision Making
Enterprise Systems Implementation
Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship
RFID and Network security
Linux Operating System
Management Accounting System
Enterprise Resource Planning
System Dynamics
RFID Information Systems
Advanced Technology English
Advanced Enterprise Resource Planning
Introduction to Systems Thinking and System Dynamics
Practical Linux System Administration
Financial Computing 
Collaborative Design/Commerce
Cost Accounting and Practice (1)
Market Survey
International Financial Markets
International Business: environments analysis
International Strategic Management
Finance Engineering and Case Studies
Financial Modeling
Contemporary Issues in FDI
Computer Graphics
WEB Technologies
Advanced Algorithms (Ⅱ)
UNIX Programming
Logic Design
Introduction to UNIX

5. Student Handbook

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