At present, the department has eminent faculty in information theory and appiled information technology, and into the future it will continue to emphasize both theory and pratice. The department will also work side-by-side with other departments of the College of Management: Department of International Business Studies, Department of Economics, Department of Banking and Finance, and Department of Leisure Studies and Tourism Management, in order to develop applied information systems and teaching assistant systems, and engage in the research and development of Marketing and Financial Computing and Optimization, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and so on. In brief, the focuses of the department are: To work on the researches and development of information-related area, such as Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing, Marketing, Customer Relations, Financial Computing and Optimization, RFID, and Visual Attention and Eye-tracking Approach. Taiwan successfully established its place in hardware manufacturing at the end of the twentieth century; However, with the rapid improvement of information technology and the fast pace of globalization, enterprise management and operation face unprecedented challenges. Business models are constantly innovated and renewed. Faced with the rapid market changes and the large amount of information, effectively grasping and managing data has become a common issue for managers. For an enterprise to be globally successful in twenty-first century Taiwan, the key is to not only be innovated in technology, but effective in managing and using data. IM was established in response to the shortage of information professionals in Taiwan. We aim to nurture students who possess both a global and local perspective to satisfy information application, service, and management demand in Taiwan. Cultivating students to transform from “T-type” single talents to multi-talented “π-type” people by emphasizing on both IT skills and business practice. Taking the current industry demands into account, IM not only nurtures IT management talents, but also promotes academic research in central Taiwan strengthens the competitiveness of local industries related to IT.

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