Department's Labs

Research Center for Knowledge Management:The center focuses on the promotion of the concept of knowledge management, including knowledge externalization, knowledge mining, knowledge sharing, knowledge community, knowledge engineering and technologies.

Moderator: Dr. Chun-Che Huang, Professor


Makers’ Open Lab for Innovation:The lab invites outside lecturers to lead students to practice, conduct projects, or develop new products so as to stimulate their interests in product design and innovative technology.

Moderator: Dr. Shiuh-Sheng Yu, Associate Professor


The Center for Human-Computer Interaction and Innovative Marketing:The center provides a technical exchange platform to stimulate students' passion in creativity and programming for the faculty and students.

Moderator: Dr. Rong-Fuh Day, Associate Professor

National Chi Nan University - Information Management
Room 439, No. 470, University Rd., Puli, Nantou, Taiwan 54561 R.O.C.
886-49-2910960 #4541 or #4543